Axel (memorized_flame) wrote in ttu_crack,

Mother's Day

(Open to anyone but ESPECIALLY Roxas)

As he had been reminded by Zexion, today was Mother's Day.

It had taken some careful planning on his part and a little teasing from his friends but Axel had finally decided on something to do for Roxas..well...a couple somethings.
First and foremost, getting his boyfriend to wake up.

He had spent all morning in the kitchen which had been..needless to say, interesting.
After it was all said and done, the kitchen cleaned and put back in place, Axel snuck back into the bedroom carrying a tray with an actually decent look breakfast on it. (But who's to say that Roxas would actually eat it? I mean, it is a bunch of NORMAL food.) Setting said tray down on the nightstand, the red head slowly slipped onto the bed and leaned over Roxas a bit, grinning as blew softly into the blonde's ear.

Wakey wakey!
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