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A local Strip Club and all are Welcome

(( OOC note: was bored and thought what would be the last place one would expect Leon? Plus this being a bs place it seems to fit perfect here. Oh and this is open to everyone! ))

The stripclub is like any place one would expect to have people dancing with very little on. The tables were small and round. Large enough to place some drinks and an ashtray for the smokers. The room itself held the smell of smoke, some of the patrons were kind to add their own smoke to the mix so it never seems to thin. Lighting dim.... except for the stage where the lights seem well placed to highlight the flesh of the dancers.

Leon steps out ... slight flush on his cheeks, the cheeks on his face!, as he is wearing a special easy to strip off outfit. The outfit consists of a small black leather jacket, black shorts that cling to his body revealing his religion, a thong under that, and suction cup tassels over his man nipples. There is also one more piece to his costume: a fake fancy gunblade. Leon’s makeup actually is tasteful as it highlights the features of his face but never the less he is wearing makeup. His hair holds traces of sprayed on glitter: silverish color.

Comes out onto stage to a rebel song. Tries not to think about the fact he is probably whoring himself out right now for money due to he lacks parents to provide cash for him. Tries to put himself in a different place mentally as he struts forth to the beats of the song, his slender sexy body pressing against a pole suggestively.
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