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Two more lives in the world

((Open to all!))

His first hint that his time had been nearing was the development of breasts. They weren't very big, but still... He was a man. Men didn't have breasts unless they were fat, which Roxas wasn't. Ok, he had his bulging belly in which resided his soon-to-be-born twins. But there they were, hiding beneath his uber-loose shirt. Yes, he'd been trying to hide them. He was looking more and more like a girl, and he'd been wearing feminine clothing unintentionally recently. But... if Axel had wanted to be dating a girl, he would be, right? He supposed he had to feed his children somehow...
So here it was a month after the development of his breasts. He'd been sitting around watching TV while Axel was at school when there had been a sudden pain in his abdomen. Oh shit... Well, maybe it would subside, right? Wrong. After about an hour of the pain, the mother to be decided he should probably call the professor that was responsible for all of this.
"Dammit, Vexen, pick up..."
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