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Cid's change

Cid woke up feeling very heavy and very tired. More so then normal too. Yet, something odd... yes, he felt odd. His bladder cries out to be emptied. Cid walks into the bathroom and drops his shorts to see... No genitals?!

His or her crotch that of a woman! Cid looks more at himself to see He has Breasts as well. He is a she! One hundred percent female! Looks into the mirror to see a lovely feminine face staring back. If Cid was a very masculine presence, then right now Cid is the exact Opposite, a very feminine being. Cid then screams , her voice also feminine.

Shame no one lives with him so no one hears it or cares.

Sits on her toilet in utter shock, Cid’s mind is numb. Cid also decides since she is here to let her bladder have some relief.

After cleaning up, Cid looks back in the mirror to see it has not changed back. What is she to do?! How can she go into public like this?! Yet, she is still a teacher... and they expect Cid to come to the school for work.

So she takes her shower and proceeds to dress. She puts on her khaki pants, having to use a belt to keep them up, a soft blue her tee-shirt that enhances the blue o her eyes, and her lucky jacket. Her goggles used to keep her bangs from her face like always. Hair slightly longer but a feminine short now. Cid felt as if this body was alien.. but stuck in it anyway.

The drive to the school, radio plays the most annoying songs like “ i’m a Barbie Girl “ for example so Cid turns the radio off. Upon parking and walking the campus, Cid gets stares... This is too much!
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