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Christmas Party!

(Open to everyone! x3)

Its the most wonderful time of the....

Right, you get the picture.
It was that time of year again. The time when houses were covered with brilliantly colored lights, trees stood in everyone front room, and Christmas carols could be heard wherever you went.
It was also the time of year when the Dean of Twilight Town University threw his annually Christmas Party. Pretty much the whole town was invited, especially the staff and students of the University itself.
Needless to say it was a party that no one missed.

Final preparations were being done to the mansion the Dean rented out for use each year, the usual dull place now lit with color and festiveness.

Clapping his hands together as he stood in the foyer, Cid smiled to himself.
"Very good very good. Looks wonderful! Perfect timing too. The guests should start arriving shortly. What do you think Venat?" he asked the bird on his shoulder. Said bird ruffled its feathers and cawed softly. The Dean chuckled and stroked its head before heading for the DJ's booth, discussing the choice music for the night.
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