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Shocking news

(Locked to Axel. ... oh feck it. Open to anyone.)

Two minutes. That's how late Axel was. He and Roxas had agreed on the time and place, so why was he late? Roxas hated waiting. Especially when he had something important to say.

Three minutes. The red-headed pyro had better hurry up or Roxas would give him more than an earful when he arrived. Hadn't he stressed on the phone how important this meeting was? He thought he had.
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Ok so maybe his watch had been a bit off. Can't blame him for something like that!

He finally made it to the decided meeting spot, eyes falling on Roxas as he approached.
Wonderful..the blonde looked pissed.
"Ah..sorry I'm late. Watch was off and all.." he explained somewhat, waving his hand. "Now what is it that had you freaking out over the phone??"

And why did he have a really weird feeling about all of this?
"I ask you to be on time for once and you can't even do me that favor." Roxas ran a hand nervously through his hair as he kept a glare trained on Axel.
He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths before he continued. "Look....... I don't even know how to start this... You know Professor Vexen, the head of the science department, right?"
"The one everyone says is so mad scientist or something? I've heard of him ya." He hadn't actually seen the professor. From what he was told, Professor Vexen hardly left the lad. "What about him?" Axel eyed Roxas curiously as he spoke.

Ok, nervousness, not a good sign.
" ..... a few months ago he asked for volunteers for one of his experiments. He said if the experiment was a success, he'd pass whomever his test subjects were..." Oh god, why was Axel looking at him like that? Not that he didn't deserve it...
"Well anyhow, I'm no expert at science and I figured there couldn't really be any harm, right? I mean, the test was outrageous... it could never really be done..." He was rambling... oh great.
"..........." Not really sure where this was going just yet, well a lot of things had flitted through his mind but be brushed them aside, Axel gave Roxas a weary look. He unconciously shifted his weight a bit, arms crossed now. "And..just what was the experiment?" he asked, cutting off the blonde's rambling.
Roxas stopped mid word and looked down at his shoes, silent for a while. "... To see if it was possible to form a functioning reproductive system in a male."
Aaaand the shit hit the fan.
" want to say that again? I don't think I heard you right."

Oh but he had. Axel's mind just shut down on him that was all.
"It means I'm pregnant, dumbass!" Roxas totally would have kicked Axel if he hadn't already been in enough pain and felt weird enough. He settled instead for huffing stomping off a few feet, turning his back to Axel and crossing his arms.
Holy shit.

That was the one recurring thoughts that kept going through Axel's mind.
That wasn't...there was no way....His eyes followed Roxas as he stomped off, just watching the blonde for a moment. Just what the hell do you say to that?!
Taking a few steps forward, he slowly came up behind his blonde boyfriend, moving around till he could see his face.
"....You're serious? You mean this...experiment...actually worked?"
"Yes it worked. What, you didn't notice my stomach growing, or find it odd that I was suffering morning sickness? I'm three months pregnant. And yeah, I'm pretty sure it's yours." Roxas' face was flushed and he was fuming, glaring daggers at Axel. Then suddenly, his facade broke.
"I-I don't know what to do... I've never even thought about facing anything like this before... The professor says it looks healthy, but..." He bit his lower lip, attempting not to cry as his crossed arms turned into him hugging himself.
With a defeated sigh, knowing no matter what he said the blonde was going to get emotional over it in some way, Axel wrapped his arms around Roxas, hugging him close for the moment.
"Stressing yourself out isn't going to do any good. Chill out before you work yourself into a blubbering mess." he mumbled, knowing it probably wasnt the best thing to say but...well...he didn't know what else to say. " least...everything's going ok right?"

Smooth Axel..smooth.
Roxas immediately attached himself to Axel, crying into his shirt.
"I'm scared, Axel... I don't know what to do. I'm only sixteen! I'm not ready to be a parent. And how am I going to give birth? I'm not exactly equipped for that... What will my parents say? They'll find out and keep me from seeing you and...." That was all he was able to say before another round of sobs overtook him.
"Relax, we'll figure this all out I promise. Professor Vexen's got to have some idea has to how the actual birth will go." I hope. Gently rubbing the blonde's back, Axel bent his head and kissed his boyfriend's temple lightly. "And we'll worry about your parents when the time comes for that." And that was REALLY something he was looking forward too...heh....
"Axel.... I love you so much... I couldn't bear to be away from you... especially not now... Just promise you won't leave me? Or if you're going to, do it now." The blond was half expecting Axel to turn and walk away, but he'd really rather give his boyfriend more credit than that.
He'd never admit it, but the thought HAD crossed his mind.
From the moment Roxas had told him, he had immediatly thought of fleeing.

But he wasn't THAT much of a bastard.

"..I love you too Roxas, and I'm not leaving...I promise." the red head murmured, though for some reason he wasn't too sure about that promise.

Can we say, jail time?
"Thank you. I can't do this without you." Roxas took a deep, shuddering breath, attempting to recompose himself. Damn mood swings. They were stuck in this together now. Or, well... Roxas was stuck and Axel was nice enough to stay by his side.